Welcome to TC's of Durham, Durham's Best Car Wash and Detail Facility

Voted "Best Car Wash" by readers of the Herald-Sun, Chapel Hill's daily newspaper. Owner T.C. Anderson and The Clean Team are passionate about washing and detailing your cars, trucks, SUVs and Minivans.

Regular exterior washing and interior cleaning of your vehicles will increase your driving enjoyment and protect your financial investment.

T.C.’s Advantage Car Detailing Can Increase Your Vehicle’s Value by Over $1,500

The difference between “Excellent” and “Fair” often exceeds $1,500 according to the results of inquiries on the Kelley Blue Book website. Kelley is an industry standard for new and used car pricing. Check out your vehicle's value at Kelley Blue Book.

Whether you are trading in or selling, a buyer will consider the appearance of your vehicle inside and out.

T.C.’s Advantage Detailing includes:

  • Light buff and polish of exterior to remove minor scuffs & scrapes to paint finish
  • Brush touch-up of large paint chips and small scrapes
  • Cleaning & disinfection of interior surfaces
  • Shampooing of carpets and seats
  • Cleaning of all windows
  • Wheels scrubbed & tires shined
  • Choice of fragrance to bring back that “new car” smell if you like!

We also have an array of other “low cost” services that may be of value to you such as:

  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR): A low cost method of removing small dents without incurring the cost of repainting the repaired area.
  • Interior Component Repair: An economical approach to repairing small tears and burns to interior panels without costly replacement.