Fundraising Made Easy

Earn 10% of All Car Washes and Services.

T.C. Anderson, owner of T.C.’s of Durham Total Car Appearance Center, wants to help simplify your fundraising. Any organization can participate, whether it’s a church, charity, civic association, advocacy group, private school, or religious organization. Free up your volunteers with a fundraiser that can’t get rained out. Fundraising doesn’t get easier than this.

It’s Easy to get Started. Here’s How it Works.

  1. Enroll: Register online, pick up a form at the car wash, or enroll by calling T.C. at 919-489-2558.
  2. Invite: Notify all of your supporters and members and encourage them to get their cars washed and detailed at T.C.’s. We will provide the ad and bulletin-insert template.
  3. Earn: Every time you, your members and your supporters get their vehicles washed or detailed, your nonprofit organization will receive 10% of the purchase price. Checks are mailed quarterly. It’s easy and a real clean deal!

Year Around Revenue!

If your members and friends buy just 1 wash a month, it really adds up. Good for the vehicle and great for the organization!

200 members x $15.00 Supreme Wash = $300.00 month $3600.00/year*
500 members x $15.00 Supreme Wash = $750.00 month $9000.00/ year
1000 members x $15.00 Supreme Wash = $1500.00 month $18,000.00/ year
*payments sent quarterly

A member of our Clean Team will enter each vehicle’s license plate number and the enrolled, non-profit organization designated by the driver into our data collection system at the time of purchase. No need to collect receipts. A detailed statement along with a check for 10% of the services purchased will be mailed to your organization on a quarterly basis.

It’s Easy.

  • No need to collect receipts.
  • Once a customer is signed up you’ll get 10% of all washes and detailing every time they come back.*
  • Your 10% is sent to your organization every three months - forever.

*The organization is required to be previously enrolled in the program and have approved tax-deductible status from the state and federal government.

Prepaid Carwash Coupons
Another Real Easy Way to Raise Money

Your organization can purchase the car wash coupons* for resale and receive a cash back discount based on the numbers of coupons you actually sell. Coupons are for the exterior car wash and are a $7.00 value with an expiration date of six weeks from the date you begin to sell them. The coupons must redeemed at TC’s of Durham location only, during that six week period. This is a tried and true fund raiser that has been successful in the area for many years

When the group sells:

25-99 tickets - $7.00 x 99 tickets = $693.00
Group gets 25% of those sales $173.25

100-199 tickets - $7.00 x 150 tickets = $1050.00
Group gets 33% of those sales $346.50

200- Up tickets - $7.00 x 200 = $1400.00
Group gets 50% of those sales $700.00

*minimum purchase of 100 coupons

Talk to TC about which of his real easy fund raising programs is right for your
organization. Bring the kids so they can talk to Paco, The Talking Parrot!

Fundraising Made Easy. Enroll. Invite. Earn.

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