T.C.’s Safety & Security Window Film

Unprotected glass can lead to catastrophic injuries and damage. Every piece of glass is susceptible to the forces of nature whether it arrives from inclement weather or everyday use. Learn how you can protect yourself and your building.

Madico Protekt

Safety Window FilmThe Protekt series of safety films includes:

  • 2,4,6,7,8 and 14-mil clear films
  • 4 and 8-mil films in 80%silver, 60% silver, 70% gray and 50% gray
  • CLS-200 - a 2-mil film with additional UV inhibitors designed specifically for fade control

The Protekt line of products is available to all Madico dealers and is meant for daylight applications only. These films can be used to enhance the shatter resistance of glass and hold glass together when broken. These products have been tested to meet various safety glazing criteria which may be required by building code or other regulations or simply by the specific needs of the customer. Details and specifications are available in the supporting documents of this product line.

Unprotected Glass Protected Glass

Madico Graffiti-Free

Graffiti-Free FilmGraffiti vandals cost American retailers more than $600 million annually in replacement costs associated with scratched glass. Madico has the answer Graffiti-Free security window film. It is perfect for storefront windows, display and restroom mirrors, glass and polycarbonate displays, glass elevators & escalator railings, and bus shelters.

Graffiti-Free is a 2-ply, 6-ml., laminated film designed to protect both glass and polycarbonates. Anti-graffiti films act as a sacrificial barrier to protect glass from etching and high-traffic wear. After such abuse takes place, it can easily be removed and reinstalled rather than replacing the expensive glass.

Safety & Security

Safety Window FilmWe live in a far from perfect world. Whether it's man or nature, destructive forces are all around us. For over 30 years, Madico has been engineering products to increase protection against everything from criminal acts, to catastrophic events.

Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Chemical explosions. Bomb blasts. Theft. Vandalism. All of these events can cause massive damage to our homes and businesses, and in many cases, can prove lethal. The addition of the Madico Protekt Films dramatically improves security for buildings of all kinds.

As a founding member of AIMCAL, Madico is, and always has been the pioneer and world leader in the development of window protection systems. Where most manufacturers test for minimum code requirements, Madico's films meet or exceed the requirements of more US and international standards for safety and security than anyone.

No matter where you are, or what your window protection needs are, Madico has the safety window film products to fit them.